The SquadWiki Deletion of 2005

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From Woozle 18:07, 15 Apr 2005 (CST):

Ok, here's what I know. Early in the morning of 4/15, there was a most unfortunate misunderstanding between Mew, mySQL, and a shareware program for converting Excel CSV files to mySQL format. Instead of merely writing its data to a new table, it cleared out the entire database first.

SquadWiki is currently unavailable, as the wiki tables have not yet been rebuilt.

I don't yet know at this time whether Mew will be rebuilding them.

There is a distant possibility that Douglas may have a backup, but this is unlikely as the tables were unfortunately in the "test" database (having been put there originally and not moved out yet), which is generally regarded as a "scratch" area and probably not subject to standard backup.

URGENT: If anyone thinks they might have SquadWiki pages cached in their browser, please save them somehow -- save to disk and print, if possible -- and let me know (PM me). (I was able to save a half-handful of my own pages this way.)

If anyone has any additional knowledge about the situation, please post it here.

And... condolences to Mew. She's really taking this very hard.