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Weekends are so much fun
2009-03-22 0933

If I have patience about the situation, then my clients will get mad for taking too long. If I push really hard to get stuff done, I end up blowing up at people. Here's what's happening right now...

  • Josh wants something, I don't know what it is, and is making I'm-going-to-hit-people-soon noises.
  • The kids are taking refuge in the office.
  • I'm trying to focus on seemingly-simple coding problem which requires following the code through multiple class method calls to see where it's going wrong -- which isn't really that difficult, it just requires getting the whole picture in my head.
  • What with the kids coming in and out randomly (and now sitting talking on the office couch), and Josh's noises, I get interrupted every time I get to about 75% comprehension of the situation.
  • is down, and probably pissing off potential customers, until I get this fixed.
  • I've been working on this since Thursday (or was it Wednesday?).
  • As of Friday, my client wants me to work on their project, but concentrating on that is very difficult if I'm worrying about being down... and I'd really rather be done fixing this problem so I can dump all the stuff I have managed to brain-load so far without having to reload it later.
  • I was really hoping to have vbz fixed yesterday, hopefully early in the day, so I could spend the rest of the weekend working on the paying client's project...
  • ...and maybe finish it and send them an invoice...
  • ...for money which I really need so I can pay my credit card bill.
  • Josh would probably be happier if someone could take him out...
  • ...but he's been sick for the past 3 days, and I don't know if Sandy considers him well enough to go out...
  • ...and she's still asleep, so I can't call Josh's worker yet.

So, dear readers, what would you do?

(P.S. Notice the handy little "leave a comment" link at the bottom... this is a new feature, and should show up on all the main pages in the wiki.)

Update: He backed down a bit, though he's still peering randomly in the office as if to say "ok, where's the action? make things fun now. I'm waiting." Also Sandy got up and we decided that since he was still coughing and not eating anything, he still shouldn't go out. Great. (Where's the asylum? I want in.)