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Perfect Storm
2009-02-20 1222

Consider the following combination of circumstances: (1) internet functioning erratically, (2) both hypertwins with splitting headaches, (3) Friday errands to be done, (4) child sick and wanting to stay home from school, (5) some kind of special exhibition at Zander's school this afternoon...

...but actually it turned out okay, if you can overlook the loss of several hours of productivity.

Speakeasy (our ISP) was helpful as usual -- less than 2 minutes of phone-system navigation, then zero wait-time for a human -- and pinned the problem down to somewhere on our side of the DSL modem. Benjamin was willing to stay home while we went shopping. After returning, I did some further diagnostics and determined that the problem was the cable router, which I then replaced... and now we're back. (Need to update the trouble ticket on Speakeasy's web site.)

Also got a spare power supply for Vincent, on the off-chance that his erratic problems are being caused by dirty power (the tester says all green). Reinstalling Windows 98, because the current installation seems to think that its job is to turn the computer off.

Update: We even made it to Zander's performance... although we forgot to bring a camera... and his bookbag had disappeared by the end of the day, with no clue where it might have gone. "It's always something." -- Roseanne Roseannadanna