Tigger Noodle Mess

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Tigger Noodle Mess (TNM) is a delicacy enjoyed several times by Woozle whilst living in a squalid apartment in Providence in 1985. It was spontaneously generated by Tigger one day, thus re-proving the discredited theory of spontaneous generation.

The recipe is approximately: apply one Tigger to a supply of chicken soup, noodles, ramen, and other such items; allow to create until done.

Unfortunately, as the last known Tigger went extinct in 2003, this dish has become increasingly rare.

It is typically made in an electric hot-pot. CAUTION: do not forget to put away unfinished portions of TNM, despite their out-of-sightness inside the opaque metal hot-pot with a lid on, as it may cause fruit-flies to spontaneously generate (TNM is, by nature, invested with a large amount of spontaneity).