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The Dodge was a 1967 Coronet 440 station wagon. It is the first car I ever owned. My parents bought it in 1969 and drove me to kindergarten in it. I took driving lessons in it and finally passed the test in it, on the third try. It has been driven to the end of the Florida keys, through Ontario in the dead of winter with no heat, between Durham and Providence more times than I could keep track of. For five years it survived Providence's winters, high property crime rates (this was the mid/late 1980s), and harsh parking conditions, and was also used to carry a crowd of something like 13 people (I drove very slowly) from King House to Little Chopsticks (home of "strange flavor chicken", which I also miss).

I drove it out to Baton Rouge to help Tigger move out, and finally* to Athens -- where it was stolen.

*At the moment, I can't actually remember whether I drove to BR from Durham or Athens. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.