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This was a journal I kept, briefly, from 1994-02-21 until MoG disbanded. Entries for 2/13-2/18 were reconstructed from memory on 2/21.


  • 1994-02-13 or so: got recording equipment from Dan - Tascam 80-8, Tascam 4-track cassette, DAT recorder, keyboards, DAT tapes, effects, etc.
  • 1994-02-14 - 16: organized studio space, built shelves, etc.
  • 1994-02-17 or 18: Re-recorded DFB vocals
  • 1994-02-20: recording session with Brian, Dan, Tim.
    • solo guitar & piano on Two Ways
    • lead guitar in break of FMC
  • 1994-02-21: located cheesy Mirage drum sound for Chameleon
  • 1994-02-26: Diane's saxophone on DFB, take 1
  • 1994-02-27: Scratch tracks for Chameleon - vocals, Rhodes, rhythm sequence, guide drums
  • 1994-02-28 (?): semifinal mix of FMC
  • 1994-03-06: very bad scratch mix of Two Ways -- would have spent more time, but had to tear down for jam session
  • 1994-03-09 (while preparing listening tape for Scott): Discovered Dan has erased existing mixes of BoD on "Xfer #1". This is in addition to erasing the mixes he did of his songs on "Xfer #2" and "Xfer #3" (renamed "Listen #1"), and splicing MoG studio #2 8-track so all his songs could be together on one tape. It strikes me that erasing his mixes is ok, splicing tape without asking is marginal, and erasing pre-existing mixes without warning is definitely uncool.
  • 1994-03-14 (? 13?): recorded Go Away base tracks, Questions scratch Rhodes, and click track
  • 1994-03-15: re-recorded Go Away lead vocal
  • 1994-03-16: Questions scratch lead guitar, scratch Rhodes 2
  • 1994-04-13: MoG is dissolved due to Dan's inability to work with Tim