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This was the first request for paperwork to support our first application for Medicaid for Josh, which came in the mail back in March (my notes are in bold):

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2008-03-14 Josh Medicaid request for information.web.png

update -- applied for NCHC Basically, it asked for the following:

  • FL-2 completed by doctor - done (note: it's a triplicate carbonless-copy form not available online)
  • Proof of income for Josh for the months of Jan - Josh is a nonverbal autistic minor with no income
  • Bank account numbers or statement(s) showing balance for the months of Jan for Josh - We were told to substitute one of Sandy's bank statements, since Josh has no bank accounts
  • Bank Consent form / Release of Information forms signed by Josh - Josh has no bank accounts
  • Life insurance policies or the name of the insurance companies and policy numbers for Josh - Josh has no insurance
  • Apply for Social Security Disability for Josh 1 800 772 1213 - we applied for this in Feb. 2007, and submitted proof that we had applied
  • Health insurance card or the name of the company and policy number - Josh has no insurance
  • Proof of Citizenship and identity for Josh - we included a copy of his birth certificate
  • Proof of State Residence for Josh - we included copies of two items addressed to Josh
  • We were told that in the absence of any employment, Sandy could provide a copy of her most recent bank statement as evidence of income
  • How can we get copies of a life insurance policy for someone with no life insurance?
  • We applied for social security disability for Josh, but he didn't qualify because Sandy has too much money in her emergency stash (we probably wouldn't have been able to get the mortgage if she hadn't had them, but they won't count the debt on the mortgage against the emergency stash)

General note: The original application, and a number of other forms we have run into, requested Josh's signature; nobody has any business requiring Josh to sign anything, as he is nonverbal and wouldn't understand what he is signing.