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Location: large attic: <listing> <description>
  • connector: #HDMI #VGA #USB
  • 2021-03-13 backlight has gone bad; will only stay on for about half a second

IMG 20190527 170014601.LCD010 front.crop.jpg IMG 20190527 170031916.LCD010 front panel.1200pxw.jpg IMG 20190527 170214579.LCD010 back.crop.jpg IMG 20190527 170221570.LCD010 shipping label.crop.jpg IMG 20190527 170234833.LCD010 label.xform.jpg IMG 20190527 170309992.LCD010 label and connectors.crop-1200pxw.jpg IMG 20190527 170359842.LCD010 USB sockets.crop-1200pxh.jpg