Griever/documents/legal/2003-11-25 Police Report

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Editor's Notes

I may eventually get around to entering the information on the first 3 pages of the report or I may just post scans of the whole thing, but this is a transcription of the part with the description of what happened.

Original Narrative

On 11/26/03 at approx. 0930 hours Victim came to ACCPD to obtain a report regarding his personal property being held by suspects without authority for a debt suspects claim the victim owes.

Victim advised he operated his personal business out of Suspect's residence and had left some of the property at 1272 Hull Rd. while arranging Victim's relocation to NC. Victim advised when he returned to collect his property, the suspects refused to allow Victim to collect them. Suspects claim Victim owes them an undisclosed amount of money and won't release property until the debt is paid. Victim advised the Suspects have the key to his Mercedes and won't return them nor allow access into the house to get his piano or business merchandise.

An ACCPD Officer (H. Duranso) responded to the address on 11/25/03 regarding this incident and met with both parties but no report was filed.

Victim advised he will pursue matter with Magistrate Court for resolution.