Giant Office Structure

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Maybe we'll think of a better name for it later...

I built this sometime around 2007, when we desperately needed more work-and-storage space but didn't have time to build anything very specific. It was made of 2x4s and plywood (one 4'x8' sheet and one 4'x3'). It was originally desk space for both of us, but my space got crowded out and I moved to the Couch of Awesome (which I had always felt to be a more comfortable place to work anyway).

the structure in 2009
the structure with most of its original contents

The bit you can see (with the Luxo lamp sitting loosely on top) is "the hutch", with a shelf partly visible inside/underneath; the main 8x4 surface is covered with stuff, so you can't really see it.


This was a shelf I had set up on the CoA-end of the GOS for my desktop keyboard and laptop. It came down in April, 2019 as part of early preparations for dismantling the entire GOS.

the shelf shortly after construction, 2016-12-17 IMG 20190404 110640201.jpg IMG 20190404 111203189.jpg

The Dismantling

We dismantled it in August 2019.