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The Couch of Awesome (CoA) is a large couch purchased by Woozle's parents in 1975 and passed on to Woozle in 1990. It moved down to Athens in 1991; a few years later it acquired a wheeled framework, raising it off the ground by about a foot (thus theoretically making it easier to get out of). It then moved back to Durham (to 122 Pinecrest) in approximately 2003.

These are the only photos I have been able to find (yet) of the CoA in 1975:

Jers03-020 mcdowell 1975 - jess and emma fortney.jpg Jers03-023 mcdowell 1975 - jess and emma fortney.jpg
Pictured: Woozle's sister and her friend


Scanned 2017-06-23-C.2.png


This picture shows the CoA during its brief stay in the Hypertwin Manor living room, before it became clear that it would become a trampoline (and then scrap) if left there.
This picture is very blurry, but as a thumbnail it's not so glaringly annoying -- and it is a good view of the couch's scale.

There are more photos on the category page.