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Show us how bad our memory is -- add yourself to this list!

Whereabouts Known

Local Friends

  • Erika J. - somewhere out in Chapel Hillsborough
  • Beth Packard (whose married last name I currently can't remember) - Cary
  • Cindy S. - Chatham County
  • Shannon T. - somewhere in Durham, at last contact

preschool friends resurfaced

  • Amy Tornquist -- now a local restaurateur extraordinaire


Out of Touch

  • Eva Martin was mostly a friend of Jessica's when they were at CFS (1980s), but still... (an old link - check])
  • Hilary B. is acupuncturing in Albuquerque, but hasn't responded to my last few emails (i.e. for the past few years)

Ancient Friends

people Woozle would love to hear from

  • Christine Erickson - whereabouts unknown
  • Selah Wolbarsht - somewhere in Durham?


  • Ann V. Simon, aka Tigger - died in 2003, of spinal cancer
  • Jenny, Harena's little sister & Woozle's high-school best friend - suicide (unproven), 1983