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Friday, June 9, 2023 (#160)
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The Damage

It seems pretty clear that the unit got dropped on its left side at some point, causing the left side of the frame to collapse a little.

The Email

Dear Customer Service:

I accepted delivery of this stove (see receipt below) on Wednesday June 7, but it turns out to have significant damage.

The delivery people drew my attention to the fact that the cowling was bent, but I accepted delivery because i thought that was the extent of it.

Later that day, however, I noticed that the storage drawer on the bottom was askew. I thought perhaps I could fix it, however, so I didn't take any action at that time.

After investigating further, however, I found that the reason for the drawer being askew is that the stove's structural frame is in fact bent somewhat on the left side, which is causing the drawer's opening to be out of line with the upper part of the stove. This is unfixable, as far as I know.

I would like to receive another stove in replacement. I believe most of the functional parts from this one should be salvageable, so you can use them for repairing other units.

I have included some photos below.

Please let me know when you can swap out this unit for an undamaged one.

Thank you!

Woozalia Staddon

(photos and descriptions included; message was in reply to the emailed receipt, but sent to the proper address instead)