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Thursday, June 8, 2023 (#159)
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A Chat With Lowe's

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: Please don't share confidential information, like credit card numbers or security codes, in this window. A separate secure form will be sent to collect this info, if needed to assist you with placing an order.

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Click on the (+) button in the lower left corner.
You are connected with agent Jeffrin R
Hello, thank you for contacting Lowe's. I am Jeffrin N, and I am happy to help. Please allow me a few moments to review your previous conversation and I’ll be right back with you.
I'll go ahead and describe the situation -- we accepted delivery of an electric oven yesterday. There was some damage which appeared to just be on the surface, but actually the frame is bent so that the storage-drawer will never be straight.
...so I think we need it replaced.
I have already reviewed the previous information and I’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request, I am understanding that you want to get assistance in order to know how you can proceed with you order that was delivered with some damages on it. I hope you are having a wonderful day! May I have your name and Zip code?
Woozalia Staddon - 27705
Nice chatting with you Woozalia! By the way I hope you are having the greatest Thursday with your family and friends too.
I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you were with delivery on your order, at this point I just want to provide a visibility that at this moment we are on sales department, however, I will be doing my best in order for you get this request in solved in the best possible way.
Thank you.
You are more than welcome! May I know if you have let know to the driver delivery once this one arrived?
I'm sorry, I don't quite understand the question.
The delivery person pointed out the external damage, and we accepted delivery because we thought it was just on the outside -- but just now I realized the problem with the frame being bent.
I would like to know if you received the order directly or was it someone else?
I received the order directly, yes.
Thank you for your explanation, Woozalia. I am deeply sorry to have read this. when it comes to this request, we do have a team that is completely specialized on this request, they will proceed with you with you with the replacement, or even I want to let you know that the item is over the warranty form the manufacture so you can also deal with them as well.
Sounds good.
Will they be contacting me
Alright! Let me provide you with all their contact information. May I have the brand of your electric oven, please?
Here you have it the email from our team customer support customerservice@lowes.com you can also email them with pictures attached and the receipt on it, please let me know your phone number in order they be able to contact you back.
[PHONE_NUMBER] (mobile)
and thank you for the email address -- I will contact them ASAP!
Awesome! Here you have the contact inform of your manufacture. 1800 407 267 864 email is uk.technical@samsung.com
Or you could also contact us tomorrow through this same channel to get transferred to our customer service chat division after 8:30 am EST, in order to get the information, you are requesting for.
Thanks a lot for your time shared with me today, you were great and kind with me, from the bottom of my heart I hope you enjoy the rest of the day!

And before letting you go, I would like to make sure that there won't be anything else, is there anything else that you may need for today?
I think we're good! Thanks for your help.