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Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (#327)
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I tried to take a photo of this rare and beautiful mating-display of automobilis americanus, but I think maybe it needs a video so you can see the wipers.

Differences from yesterday:

  • We might have a therapy appointment this morning, but $therapist thought she might end up cancelling because of TGiving.
    • nope, didn't happen
  • shower
  • no upstairs work-session scheduled
  • nominally a housework day
    • try to replace teakettle base?
    • order headphones?


USB Power Bar

It came without any kind of mounting holes, so I made some. I swear I took some photos of that, but I'm not seeing them (beyond the one I took of the interior).

20221123 094403.jpg 20221123 093918.jpg

I was actually rather impressed with the thickness of the plastic, and overall sturdiness of construction; may get another one.

Kettle Base

When the latest replacement for Harena's teakettle arrived, it seemed kind of wobbly on its dock (it was the same on the dock it came with as well as the dock from the previous kettle). Best I could tell, the central indentation on the kettle's underside was a bit shallow, so I thought I'd switch it out for the one on the old (cracked) kettle.

Unlike previous replacements, there are subtle differences between the new model and the hardware from all of the previous ones, and it was difficult to make it fit, and it's still a bit wobbly, but H says it's less than before and definitely acceptable, so I'm calling that "done" and have put it up on the shelf as an emergency backup (after verifying that it does in fact power up).

To do, I if I want to be excessively diligent: document the differences here.

The new kettle underside is lacking the three outer screws, and its interior electro-mechanical bit has a slightly different shape. I had to cut notches in the plastic of the old base to make it kinda-fit.