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Thursday, November 17, 2022 (#321)
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Yesterday's Progress

  • TootCat: reorganized my Git docs
  • Greenmine: green screen of life appeared
  • Nextcloud: incrementally added existing folders to get them synching again
    • Household records folders are all in sync now; some other folders still won't fit, though.
  • Ordered USB hub, to make it easier to connect/disconnect stuff from laptop (SamEagle).
    • This will let me leave the M-Audio connected for playing audio without lots of accidental crackling and buzzing.

Today's Plans

Household Technical
  • forgot yesterday I was supposed to do some financial figuring and pay a bill, so I need to do that today
    • ...just so it doesn't slip through the cracks; not due for at least another week
  • bring in empty garbage can
  • therapy
  • Fresh Market shopping
  • TootCat: figure out how to examine diffs
  • Continue making incremental bugfixes in Greenmine.



Got the login screen working again. This is always exciting.

2022-11-17 at 09-06-53.screen.Greenmine Control Panel.login.png

Next step: get logins working again.


Somewhere in all that, we unmolded the soap from 2 days ago.

...and then I got far too deep into upgrading our home Nextcloud, noticed that VBZ Cloud was wayyyy overdue for upgrade, and ended up breaking it right before the therapy appointment...

Many hours later I got it working again, continued with the upgrades, broke it again, fixed it again, finished the upgrades. So much fun.

I have a rant about Nextcloud, but I feel like I should save it for a future date when I don't have as many more urgent things to attend to.


Greenmine no longer crashes when user submits login, but it just sits there and displays the login screen again. Obviously still some work to do.

  • Apparently the stored password hash isn't matching the hash generated from the user's input. The basic mechanisms are working (including email notif) -- except there should also be a message onscreen.