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Wednesday, November 16, 2022 (#320)
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Household Technical
  • run generator (I usually wait until 10:00, because it's a bit loud)
  • PoGo run (went to Target)
  • shower
  • take garbage to curb
  • maybe try to edit the soapmaking footage into an uploadable video
  • TootCat: need to examine diffs between current (working) deployment and the first modification (favicon change)
    • Figure out how to examine the diffs... Git research required.
    • Maybe manually implement the change, as a test? Is that possible?
  • Continue making incremental bugfixes in Greenmine.


  • Typed up some TootCat plans on MeW.
  • Improved Git/cmd.
  • ran generator
  • took garbage to curb
  • in the process of looking to replace Harena's Blue Electric Kettle, I researched what was available and made a list on that page. Also bought a replacement, for pick-up later today ($30).
    • Picked it up.

I felt like a huge hypocrite coming out of Target: there was a young lady who appeared to be of Indian subcontinental heritage (I only mention this because it was unusual) standing a sign asking for financial assistance, and... "Good luck -- I'm sorry I can't give you anything!" I said as H & I walked past with our new $30 teakettle under my arm. (The fact that I bought it with a gift-card seems like a feeble excuse; fortunately, I didn't even try to say that.) I feel like I should start a GoFundMe just to have money to give to people on streetcorners.