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Thursday, November 3, 2022 (#307)
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Normal TherapyThursday (with the usual Fresh Market trip to get chicken legs for tomorrow's dinner). I'm also hoping to make some improvements to FTM's UI, using the ANSI TTY stuff I've worked out.

Apparently we are going to continue using this plate until it literally splits in half.

The Fresh Market trip turned into a trip to stop by H!mom's apartment to pick up some flowerpots that K forgot to retrieve yesterday; unfortunately H!mom wasn't home. Stopped off at K's anyway to drop off some supplies and a light-duty tarp/drop-cloth/? she loaned us way back earlier this year when we were helping move stuff out of her store.



Started in on Mel's room -- first order of business is to dust off and pack up all the stuff on the mini-shelf in front of the larger shelf. The mini-shelf has a lot of lego stuff on it, as well as miscellaneous bits which may or may not be of any value to him; I'm putting everything neatly in boxes in case it's important.

Legos inside the green mini-shelf (I'm still working on the top, haven't gotten to this part yet):

IMG 20221103 155959112.jpg

The top half of the book case, containing but a small fraction of Mel's book collection:

IMG 20221103 155943158.jpg


will definitely not win any prizes for visual aesthetic appeal

Made Tigger Quiche Glop. Today's enhancements:

  • a small amount of leftover cooked spinach
  • mixed in with the eggs before scrambling:
    • shiitake mushroom stems
    • minced garlic
    • italian spices
  • sliced portabello shrooms
  • leftover chicken goop (most of which probably drained off, oh well, but hopefully some of it got absorbed by noodles & shrooms)
  • There was an extra-chonky slice of bacon that nobody wanted to use, so I cut it up with scissors and stir-fried it with minced garlic and some shiitake slices, and added it to the Glop after cooking... and then also poured the grease from the stir-fry pan (which I'd guess was about 2/3 grapeseed oil and 1/3 bacon grease).

The result was pronounced a success.


A smol chonk of coding progress:

2022-11-03 20-59-22.screen.FTM.png