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Saturday, March 28, 2015 (#87)
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Making an entry just because I'm up late waiting for Zander...

  • Woke up with headache.
  • 2nd attempt to fix Maidi's PC (it was de-virusing all night, but didn't find anything)
    • I estimate high likelihood of success: found a fishy Firefox extension. When uninstalled, problem immediately stopped.
    • Brought it back to her in early afternoon. Kathy was there.
  • Relatively easy fix for Sage & Swift in the middle of that.
  • Was going to work on lawnmower (won't start), but too many other things plus headache...
  • Z broke a chair (legs). Worked out plan for replacing legs, but didn't feel like physical exertion.
  • Invoived S&S for work.
  • Moroccan Lamb frozen thingy for lunch; oatmeal in midafternoon
    • Nap somewhere in all that, nursing headache
    • Ben G's mom invited Z over tomorrow
  • Reheated turkey for dinner
  • Fished over latest w3tpl from GitHub
  • Reformatted project:current events "Today" section to be more useful.
    • Installed ParserFunctions so I could use the #ifexist function
    • Tidied up LocalSettings.php a bit