2011/02/28 letter to Zwicker

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This was mailed on 2011-02-28 via USPS First Class. Link added for cross-reference; I did consider explaining about Josh, but decided that an initial letter should be as short and to-the-point as possible. An earlier draft of the letter mentioned that we were looking into refinancing the house to make a payoff even possible (because it certainly isn't right now), but I decided again that I shouldn't give them any extra information.

If anyone from Zwicker is reading this, hello and welcome to our little corner of the web! Please do feel free to contact us electronically. (Letters and phone calls are so 20th-century, don't you think?) Perhaps we can work out something beneficial to both of us.


ANDOVER, MA 01810-1098
Account # 3[--redacted--]1005

To Whom It May Concern,

We have recently resolved a very difficult situation that began several years ago, and are now ready to try and address this debt. Our means remain very limited, but should improve over time.

Can you offer a reduced amount as a lump-sum payout to settle my debt to American Express, and what would that amount be? Alternatively, what monthly payment schedule would you accept as a plan to pay off this debt?

Please feel free to write me (email is best) to discuss these matters further. I also authorize you to discuss any of my personal information with Nick Staddon, who lives with me at this address.

Thank you,

Sandy Hall