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Monday, February 1, 2010 (#32)
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Snow from Saturday was still thick on the ground, so all schools were closed. Miraculously, the GaSC clinic was open (though not operating on all engines) and we were able to complete our appointment. Have to call UNC tomorrow to have Josh registered as a patient (their reception desk was closed today because of the snow).

J's & Z's schools closed tomorrow too; B's is on delay.

We have to continue keeping Josh until his school reopens. This is already a bit of a drag, made more so because the downstairs toilet has started to be a problem again -- but this time the stoppage seems to be more local (inside the house, not affecting upstairs at all) and isn't complete blockage (does drain in about a minute, becomes flushable again after a few minutes). Plumbers apparently didn't come in to work today because of the snow (no answer to my message). We'll live.

The silver lining is that this means 2 snow make-up Fridays (one each this month and next) when Josh would have been out of school will now be regular school days.