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Friday, January 22, 2010 (#22)
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  • 14:15 (I think?): Pick Josh up from Jordan, for the weekend.



The Home says Josh was yelling and holding his jaw yesterday and moaning all night. He was cooperative this morning even so -- this clearly isn't anything other than tooth pain. His dental appointment isn't until Feb. 1. What do we do? Need an adult around here to deal with this; I'm fresh out of mature decisionmaking ability at this point. Near freak-out point. ...We pick him up from school in an hour and a half.


Previous post looking like a false alarm; his behavior seems totally normal. Neither of us is convinced that there actually *is* tooth pain, but we're both glad that the dental appointment will soon resolve the question. In any case, no emergency action needed.

And as I suspected, being away from here most of the time is (I think) helping it to be a bit less boring when he *does* come here... although he was definitely a bit bored earlier -- kept unlocking the office gate, edging inside... (He's over at his dad's now, so more yay.) Tomorrow will be the real test, though...