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Sunday, January 17, 2010 (#17)
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Well, this is lovely. The Home called and said we needed to take Josh back because he was wrecking stuff (or something). So we did. But the toilets here are all kind of backed up -- the upstairs one flushes into the downstairs one, and the downstairs one only flushes if you don't do it more than once or twice a day. No showers, no laundry. And one more "vacation" day to get through.


  • Bilby said: well... shit.
  • Woozle replied: At least the shit is staying in the toilet, rather than flooding out. Wondering how long this condition will last. (And I've managed to patch the clean-out so I don't have to empty the drip bucket more than every few days -- which is keeping the water level up inside the pipes, which is bad in some ways and good in others. Wish I knew where the water level actually *was* inside the pipes...)