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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 (#12)
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  • We almost had a meeting with the Home people today, but it got rescheduled for Friday.
  • Sewer seemed to be mostly draining ok -- multiple clothes-washings didn't cause serious problems.
  • Did our Monday shopping since we were busy with the plumbers on Monday.


Ok, we were misinformed. The liason confirms what I *originally* thought: "I think she may have explained it wrong. Therapeutic foster care allows children to go home on therapeutic leave 5 days a month...15 days a quarter...45 days a year without affecting the authorization for services or the provider's pay." (*substantial sigh of relief*)

(comments generally expressing relief)

We've set ourselves a goal of going for 2 weeks without any emergency interventions. If we can make it that far, we'll start to relax.

...and then I just need to start making some income, somehow.