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Monday, January 11, 2010 (#11)
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Progressive Plumbing came out, ran video camera down sewer pipe, found "bellies" keeping water level up and encouraging blockage. Blew out pipes with high-pressure water and recommended replacing them. That took all morning and part of the afternoon.



Well golly... the bus shows up at around 6:15 and there's still been no call from the Home (it's now 6:31)... not sure I know how to deal with not having to drive across town in the dark. (Just wait; something *else* will happen to compensate.)

Added note: This was the first day -- or maybe the first Monday? -- that they hadn't needed help getting Josh up.


$385 for the camera to take a look inside the pipe, but they waive that fee if they end up fixing anything. Which suggests that the "fixing stuff" fee is considerably higher. (No, I don't know what I'm doing; why do you ask?)


Plumbing officially fixed. Video revealed that the pipe has a couple of hills on its way to the main, which causes stuff to accumulate over time. They blew that out with high-pressure water, so should be good for now. ...and kudos to Molly M. for suggesting Gorilla Glue earlier (for another project) -- that's what work...ed to hold the new clean-out fitting (plastic) onto the old pipe (cast iron).


Turns out we *have* to take Josh 5 nights a month. We'd rather do it during the week, but logistically it's not possible -- no way to switch the bus over just for certain days. So that essentially kills (1) at least every other weekend, (2) the idea that we can stop keeping the house Josh-proofed.

The calendar will have to live in the office, videos will have to remain locked, etc. I almost feel like saying "ok, never mind, we'll just keep him here."