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Do you see anything about a half-day on Jan. 15? Full page here.

The first that we knew today was a half-day at Jordan was when Josh's teacher called to say that the student who normally picks him up on Thursday hadn't shown up, and did we want her to put Josh on the bus.

I'm not sure what would have happened if we hadn't been here. Maybe she would have thought to call Sandy's cellphone, or maybe not. If not, then Josh would have arrived on the bus, and we would have been at least 20 minutes away. Does the bus driver have Sandy's cellphone number? We don't know (and it wasn't even the regular driver this morning, so the chances are low). If he didn't, what the hell did they expect him to do with Josh if we hadn't been there?

The only way we find out about these things is if it's on the school calendar or they send home a note about it. Josh may or may not know, but being profoundly autistic (and almost totally noncommunicative) he's essentially unable to tell us, even if he wanted to.