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Thursday, February 27, 2003 (#58)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/27/03  10:30 AM mornin

woozle     2/27/03  10:30 AM howdy

Bubba      2/27/03  10:31 AM I need to set up the LTPGA site

woozle     2/27/03  10:31 AM whuzzat?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:31 AM didn't I tell you?

woozle     2/27/03  10:31 AM You may have mentioned it, but it's not
                                  wringing a belle

Bubba      2/27/03  10:32 AM the...Less Than Perfect Golfers Association

woozle     2/27/03  10:32 AM ok... I remember you mentioning that...

Bubba      2/27/03  10:33 AM have logo and some text to put up 

woozle     2/27/03  10:33 AM ok... what's the domain?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:33 AM some folks know about it and have asked when
                                  at least something about it will be up

Bubba      2/27/03  10:34 AM ltpga.com

woozle     2/27/03  10:34 AM Give me a couple of minutes; in the middle of
                                  something... I will have to set up an account
                                  for the domain, and it will probably take
                                  24-48 hours for the routers to start
                                  recognizing it... tho I can give you the IP
                                  address for uploading stuff.

Bubba      2/27/03  10:34 AM shweet

Bubba      2/27/03  10:36 AM stepping out for a moment

woozle     2/27/03  10:41 AM IP: (use this as Host in ftp)
                                  user: ltpga
                                  pass: holeIn100

Bubba      2/27/03  10:41 AM 100?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:41 AM i wish

woozle     2/27/03  10:42 AM Well... if you're less than perfect, it might
                                  take you 100 strokes instead of 1...

Bubba      2/27/03  10:42 AM last time out I shot a 101

woozle     2/27/03  10:42 AM ha

Bubba      2/27/03  10:42 AM for 18

woozle     2/27/03  10:42 AM maybe I should change it to 1000

Bubba      2/27/03  10:42 AM whittling it down slowly

Bubba      2/27/03  10:42 AM 100's fine

woozle     2/27/03  10:42 AM work on that... sounds like 100 isn't too far
                                  off the mark, anyhow...

woozle     2/27/03  10:43 AM What's the site for? Income stream? Selling
                                  golf schtuff?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:43 AM progression so far on my outings 107, 104,

woozle     2/27/03  10:43 AM 100 is a goal, then...

Bubba      2/27/03  10:43 AM site will be a members thing

woozle     2/27/03  10:44 AM hmm... ok....

Bubba      2/27/03  10:44 AM gonna need a member sign up db

woozle     2/27/03  10:44 AM I'm working on one for gnumusiq.com, too...
                                  guess you can have a copy when it's working

Bubba      2/27/03  10:44 AM membership #'s and all that rot

woozle     2/27/03  10:44 AM Is someone else sponsoring this, or is it
                                  spozedta pay for itself?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:45 AM self

woozle     2/27/03  10:45 AM how does the income stream work?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:45 AM am looking for investors

Bubba      2/27/03  10:46 AM a chunk for a % to get started getting it

woozle     2/27/03  10:46 AM ok

Bubba      2/27/03  10:46 AM stream works like...

Bubba      2/27/03  10:48 AM $20 - LTPGA hat, 2 stickers (one for a direct
                                  on viewing, second for inside the window of a
                                  vehicle so it can be read on the way by) and a
                                  paper membership card w/their name and member

Bubba      2/27/03  10:48 AM $3 into costs

woozle     2/27/03  10:48 AM ok...

woozle     2/27/03  10:49 AM $3 for cost of "freebies", you mean?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:49 AM upon becoming a "scratch" golfer (par or
                                  better) they get a bag tag that says "Former

Bubba      2/27/03  10:50 AM not really freebies, hust what they get for
                                  their $20

woozle     2/27/03  10:50 AM ha

woozle     2/27/03  10:50 AM so you have $17 left over to go towards other
                                  expenses & (hopefully) profit

Bubba      2/27/03  10:50 AM will have bag tags and other merch made up to
                                  sell along the way

Bubba      2/27/03  10:50 AM rt

woozle     2/27/03  10:50 AM any other member benefits?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:51 AM web site to include tips from pros and links
                                  to golf merch affiliate sites so they "May not
                                  be the best, but they can be the best dressed"
                                  and so on

woozle     2/27/03  10:52 AM Tips... how you gonna get those?

Bubba      2/27/03  10:52 AM will email some pros and ask if they'd like to
                                  help people become former members

woozle     2/27/03  10:53 AM They'll probably want a fee, and it will
                                  probably be large

Bubba      2/27/03  10:53 AM like notches on their teaching guns so to

Bubba      2/27/03  10:53 AM exposure is $

woozle     2/27/03  10:53 AM They're already pros, they don't need more

Bubba      2/27/03  10:53 AM publish or perish

woozle     2/27/03  10:53 AM You might be able to buy some syndicated
                                  columns or something

woozle     2/27/03  10:53 AM But either way, you'll need $ is my guess

Bubba      2/27/03  10:54 AM I will check out some random pros w/the query
                                  and let you know the tone

woozle     2/27/03  10:54 AM k

Bubba      2/27/03  10:59 AM w/golf courses offering memberships for a 10%
                                  commission of each sale a sales force is
                                  already established and since your product
                                  only takes up a "3 Day Cruise" box on the
                                  counter space I see 100 million people playing
                                  the game w/a market share of 1/2 of 1% =
                                  500,000 members X $20 = $10 million - costs of
                                  $7/per = $6.5 million 

Bubba      2/27/03  11:01 AM anyway that's what it is

woozle     2/27/03  11:01 AM Seems optimistic, but what do I know...

Bubba      2/27/03  11:01 AM that's best case scenario of course

woozle     2/27/03  11:01 AM You'd probably have to spend millions to get
                                  that market share... yes, the potential for
                                  profit is there, but what's that 0.5% based

Bubba      2/27/03  11:02 AM I've shown the sticker to many golfers and
                                  they ALL want to be notified when it's running

Bubba      2/27/03  11:03 AM I just tell them to keep checking hte site

woozle     2/27/03  11:03 AM So golfers are willing to shell out $20 to get
                                  the "freebies" described?

woozle     2/27/03  11:03 AM How much do you have to put up front to get
                                  them printed?

Bubba      2/27/03  11:04 AM when I tell them about the former member bag
                                  tag, they all get a cheshire cat grin

Bubba      2/27/03  11:04 AM don't have all quote requests in yet

Bubba      2/27/03  11:05 AM and it's looking like China will be like
                                  pennies per and Dome Tag http://dometag.com is
                                  like about $1 per sticker until quantity get
                                  high enough

woozle     2/27/03  11:06 AM ok

Bubba      2/27/03  11:07 AM as such I was thinking about 2 options 1 for
                                  $19.99 and a Supreme Pkg for like $29.99
                                  19 - China stuff
                                  29 - Dome Tag etc.

Bubba      2/27/03  11:07 AM but if they come in low enough, then DT all
                                  the way

Bubba      2/27/03  11:09 AM the Dome part of it is a thick clear flexible
                                  coating magnifies whatever is underneath

woozle     2/27/03  11:09 AM huh...

Bubba      2/27/03  11:09 AM Guaranteed for 3 years in direct Florida salt
                                  mist sunshine to not yellow

woozle     2/27/03  11:10 AM well, that's something...

Bubba      2/27/03  11:10 AM you've seen their works, I'm sure

woozle     2/27/03  11:10 AM I'll keep an eye peeled

Bubba      2/27/03  11:10 AM on the fronts of computers, refridgerators

Bubba      2/27/03  11:11 AM super strong acrylic adhesive so it's really
                                  imbedded in the product like it may be screwed

woozle     2/27/03  11:12 AM can you peel it off your windshield when it
                                  starts to yellow after 3 years?

Bubba      2/27/03  11:12 AM I'll send you one of the sample pieces they
                                  sent me

woozle     2/27/03  11:12 AM k

Bubba      2/27/03  11:12 AM probably w/acetone (finger nail polish

Bubba      2/27/03  11:13 AM only the ones sold in FL will suffer that fate

Bubba      2/27/03  11:13 AM and they are the ones that never see shade

woozle     2/27/03  11:13 AM well... 4 years for GA, 5 years in NC...

Bubba      2/27/03  11:13 AM rt

Bubba      2/27/03  11:13 AM 35 in oregon

woozle     2/27/03  11:16 AM did you get my email about those shirts to

Bubba      2/27/03  11:16 AM y

woozle     2/27/03  11:16 AM k

Bubba      2/27/03  11:16 AM and they got pulled w/the last batch

Bubba      2/27/03  11:16 AM and the inventory was wrong

Bubba      2/27/03  11:17 AM they were both in the same box

woozle     2/27/03  11:17 AM I have no way of knowing what you pull or ship
                                  if you don't send me a list, you know...

Bubba      2/27/03  11:18 AM thought you got both from the shipped part

woozle     2/27/03  11:18 AM I don't always remember to also pull them...
                                  that's why I ask for a list of stuff you pull.

Bubba      2/27/03  11:18 AM if I couldn't find it to ship it then I'd say

Bubba      2/27/03  11:19 AM so now it's that there needs to be a reporting
                                  of pulled/not pulled and shipped

woozle     2/27/03  11:19 AM It also takes time to hunt down where you
                                  might have pulled them from, and if the same
                                  shirt is available in more than one box then I
                                  have to figure out which box you got it from
                                  or ask, which slows everything down further

woozle     2/27/03  11:19 AM a list of what's been pulled, from where, and
                                  a list of what's been shipped -- along with
                                  the usual shipment data

Bubba      2/27/03  11:21 AM Laurie Bowman needs status of her order
                                  emailed to her

woozle     2/27/03  11:21 AM ok

Bubba      2/27/03  11:22 AM she says that she has put off telling people
                                  for 6 years where she gets her PHAT T's and
                                  now she can't hold back any longer and we're
                                  gonna be the place she directs them

woozle     2/27/03  11:22 AM Cool. I'm looking up the info rt now

Bubba      2/27/03  11:22 AM I think we should throw in a something as a

Bubba      2/27/03  11:23 AM she wants cards to pass out

woozle     2/27/03  11:23 AM Sure... any ideas? Looks like I haven't
                                  ordered any of her stuff cuz I'm waiting for
                                  money... I was thinking of doing the MT order
                                  today, but I have to make a bank deposit

woozle     2/27/03  11:23 AM Cards: was there something suitable amongst
                                  the images you sent me a few months back? If
                                  so, I'll try to print up a bunch.

woozle     2/27/03  11:24 AM S is back from errands, so I have to go to the
                                  PO and bank now.

Bubba      2/27/03  11:24 AM k

woozle     2/27/03  11:24 AM oh -- are you "Bubba" or "Bahb" to Laurie?

Bubba      2/27/03  11:24 AM Bubba

woozle     2/27/03  11:25 AM thx... working on email b4 I go

woozle     2/27/03  11:29 AM ok, email away and heading off for errands.

Bubba      2/27/03  11:30 AM k

Bubba      2/27/03  2:51 PM  I need to use the ST card cuz my card won't
                                  let me activate it

woozle     2/27/03  2:51 PM  how much $?

woozle     2/27/03  2:51 PM  and wut 4?

Bubba      2/27/03  2:51 PM  I've called Mary at BB&T and started the
                                  process of a new one

Bubba      2/27/03  2:51 PM  classifieds in the Athens paper to sell some

woozle     2/27/03  2:52 PM  $10-ish?

Bubba      2/27/03  2:52 PM  about 20 per and there are 3

Bubba      2/27/03  2:52 PM  they suck and only give you 16 characters per

Bubba      2/27/03  2:53 PM  so it always runs into extra lines at $3 per

Bubba      2/27/03  2:53 PM  base of 12

Bubba      2/27/03  2:53 PM  $12

woozle     2/27/03  2:53 PM  As long as you can get a deposit in by
                                  tomorrow, should be ok -- I wrote the BB&T
                                  acct a check for $130, but it will take a few
                                  days to come back in and debit the ST account

Bubba      2/27/03  2:53 PM  was what I was thinking

woozle     2/27/03  2:53 PM  k

woozle     2/27/03  2:53 PM  lmk the total

Bubba      2/27/03  2:53 PM  k

Bubba      2/27/03  9:11 PM  the Logitech logo sticker on top of the
                                  optical mouse I have is a Dome Tag 

woozle     2/27/03  9:18 PM  ah