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Wednesday, February 26, 2003 (#57)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     2/26/03  1:04 PM  s, I. R. here

Bubba      2/26/03  1:06 PM  totally?

woozle     2/26/03  1:06 PM  well... have I ever been that?

Bubba      2/26/03  1:07 PM  just meant the as per I've become accustomed

woozle     2/26/03  1:08 PM  more or less, I do spoze

Bubba      2/26/03  1:09 PM  no hurries and no not grieving.  

Bubba      2/26/03  1:09 PM  Howz Anna doing???

woozle     2/26/03  1:10 PM  Livia did a good thing -- took Anna over to
                                  the Villaveces, where they have broadband, and
                                  they all watched the video and commiserated.

woozle     2/26/03  1:10 PM  ("all" being mostly A & L, but I'm sure it was
                                  helpful to A to have Ceci around)

Bubba      2/26/03  1:10 PM  video?

woozle     2/26/03  1:10 PM  The video online

woozle     2/26/03  1:10 PM  video and audio at

Bubba      2/26/03  1:11 PM  will check it

Bubba      2/26/03  1:11 PM  I just got a call from Laurie Bowman

Bubba      2/26/03  1:11 PM  will email about it

woozle     2/26/03  1:11 PM  ok

Bubba      2/26/03  1:12 PM  Howz Tiggers dad doing?

woozle     2/26/03  1:12 PM  I think he's ok. Tig's bro just had a baby a
                                  few months back, named Anna, so I think
                                  there's some consolation in that for all of

woozle     2/26/03  1:12 PM  Tig's mom and bro and stepmom were there also.

woozle     2/26/03  1:13 PM  There was also a great deal of comfort, I
                                  suspect, in seeing all the friends Tigger had
                                  made, and how important she was to them. Many
                                  great conversations were had by all.

woozle     2/26/03  1:14 PM  We spent all Monday telling Ann-ecdotes and

Bubba      2/26/03  1:14 PM  wasn't meaning to slight asking about their
                                  feelings, I just was getting updates w/her
                                  dad's perspective so he is more in the
                                  forefront of my mind

woozle     2/26/03  1:15 PM  Didn't take it that way... just filling you

woozle     2/26/03  1:15 PM  I only saw him briefly, but I think we made a
                                  good connection...

woozle     2/26/03  1:15 PM  ...though I'd have to fill in some background
                                  to explain how it happened.

Bubba      2/26/03  1:16 PM  as you wish at your leisure

woozle     2/26/03  1:17 PM  well... have you read the Biography of My
                                  Vocabulary excerpt?

Bubba      2/26/03  1:18 PM  no.  I don't really know where the sources are
                                  to delve.

woozle     2/26/03  1:18 PM  Same page... links in upper left corner...
                                  first link... (...first syllable... sounds

Bubba      2/26/03  1:19 PM  kewl

Bubba      2/26/03  1:19 PM  I'll orate for Lynne and Angela cuz they're
                                  bummin bout it too

woozle     2/26/03  1:20 PM  k

woozle     2/26/03  1:20 PM  when you get to the entry about "Spiro", let
                                  me know and I'll tell you the Carl connection
                                  (brief tho it was)

Bubba      2/26/03  1:21 PM  would it spoil the Spiro entry to know the
                                  interaction going into it?

woozle     2/26/03  1:21 PM  read it first, then I'll tell you (it's gonna
                                  be anticlimactic now...)

Bubba      2/26/03  1:22 PM  ok

Bubba      2/26/03  1:22 PM  I'll turn off the "Gleaning Filter" soze I can
                                  hear it like I was intended.

Bubba      2/26/03  1:23 PM  or it not I