2000/03/25/Red House Cleanup

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Saturday, March 25, 2000 (#85)
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This was originally sent to the Grievers as a Word document. I've added links here where appropriate

Red House Cleanup

The RDA will continue to be able to use the computing and printing facilities at Red House, but I really need for some things to happen by July 1. I think this is a reasonable amount of time (3 months), even without allowing for the amount of elapsed time since I first asked for each of these things to be dealt with (over a year for most of them).

Food pantry in living room to be removed
Fridges on porch and in driveway to be removed
Food pantry on porch to be removed
Junk cleaned out of storage behind kitchen
Junk cleaned out from next to couch
Cats relocated to the farm
All disabled vehicles removed:
Jody's Camaros (2)
Mark's truck
Church bus
Blue & white trailer

Also, we need to resolve usage/location of:

Lynne's desk / area
RDA filing cabinet
Donated non-working equipment

Basically, if anything is to be left permanently on-site, I want to know about it so I can be free to assume anything new I come across is unclaimed and unwanted. If space is to be dedicated to RDA usage (I'm not talking computers, because that hasn't been a problem; just space), we will need to discuss terms. Space is not free for me, and I need as much of it as I can get right now. It is nearly impossible for me to work in the current environment. It is impossible for me to make any serious effort at cleaning up when I don't know which things are ok to throw away and (more importantly) when the spaces I need for storage are taken up.

The Red House continues to be a huge drain on my resources (rent, electricity, heat, water, Internet), and I think it is long past time that I regained the use of it. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


March 25, 2000