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The small attic at 122 Pinecrest Road has the advantage of (1) flooring, (2) a large opening (3) in a low ceiling (4) in an easily-accessible part of the house – so we're using it for storage.


Lots. Need to inventory.

Loose Items

This listing may be quite out of date. --W. 2023-04-19

  • HP DeskJet 682C
  • Bell+Howell JSK 20921 VCR
  • G.E. VCR
  • Denon stereo amplifier
  • 11 stack trays
  • MagView 19" CRT monitor
  • CD-sized padded mailers in ULine box
  • Compaq Presario 1500 CRT w/speakers (and lots of stickers)
  • Yamaha PSR-225 (my portable keyboard, used on several recordings)
  • Viewsonic VG175 LCD monitor - backlight broken
    • may be able to just replace the lighting tubes -- get part #s, try Digi-Key? people on Ebay have them for $20
  • Packard Bell VLMF CRT monitor
  • "Digital Piano Bench" in unopened box (probably came with keyboard in hallway)
  • box of USPS Priority mailing boxes (flat-rate, according to earlier inventory of storage unit)
  • NEC SuperScript 870 parallel printer
  • IBM Aptiva tower PC
  • cylindrical metal kitchen pedal-trashcan
  • moved from basement:
    • Optimus all-in-one stereo
      • originally from laundry room (in bedroom before that?); CD player not working
    • Sony MultiScan 200SX CRT monitor -- large and heavy
    • Samtron 75V CRT monitor
    • Micron CRT monitor -- large and heavy
  • Packard Bell desktop PC
  • Tappan 500 microwave oven
    • probably bought in Durham in 1990 or Athens in early 1990s
  • Compaq Presario 9546 tower PC
  • Princeton Graphics Systems Ultra 17+ CRT monitor
  • "Smile" CRT
  • MAG CRT monitor
  • HP ScanJet 4P scanner (partially unpacked by Josh)
  • several cardboard magazine holders -- meant to donate these to ScrapExchange, but forgot they were in the back of the car; check with Harena to make sure it's ok, since it hasn't actually been done


  • 2010-05-13 Most of the CRT monitors were put in Shannon's truck to be taken to the hazmat, and most or all of the boxes from the storage unit were moved here (need to inventory).
  • 2009-06-13 Moved a bunch of stuff from the storage unit to here. Josh explored it for about 20 minutes but I finally persuaded him to come down.