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Abbey Normal was a band that Woozle was in very briefly in 1993, shortly after the dissolution of MoG.

It never got as far as having an official name, but since I have the only recordings of its rehearsals, I'm giving it the name I wanted to use. (It's a reference to Young Frankenstein. I had a whole series of images planned using photos I took in Oxford, England containing the word "Abbey Road", with the word "Road" crossed out and "Normal" written in, as well as a Windows font named "Abbey" which produced the listing "Abbey normal" -- next to Abbey bold and Abbey italic, of course -- in a certain font viewer.)


Although the band dissolved -- due to the abrupt disappearance of its leader -- before playing any gigs, I managed to get a decent recording of our third rehearsal on this oddball stereo cassette recorder alarm clock I had pulled from a trash can in Providence and repaired some years earlier.Special:AudioFerret/page:album/id:417/ working on enabling downloads


Brad and Brian were formerly of a generally-well-received Athens band called Relish.