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Thursday, January 19, 2023 (#19)
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Z tested negative for COVID

To Do

  • Mostly just a Fresh Market day, but maybe we should try to go by the watch place?


  • Mouse trap was sprung, but unfortunately I hadn't set one end properly and there was nobody in the trap. Reset it (properly, I hope).
    • It sprang again while I was doing dishes -- nobody inside, but I think it was just vibrations this time; seemed to be set properly. Re-set it...
  • The drive on the torrents machine got full last night, so I spent some time last night and this morning tidying things up.
  • pulled some speakers (donated by the Buchanans next door) to set up under the couch, with the thought of making it easier for me to play music (for mood improvement)
  • made another jar of schmoylent (may need power-mixing)
  • fixed smol bug in FF and used it to find the source code for kscope.exe
    • created Git repo for kscope source code, but haven't posted it on GitLab yet