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This one is a switchbox for loudspeakers (up to 2 pairs). There's a switch to reverse the polarity of one side (in case you wired it wrong, or aren't sure and want to compare) and volume controls (this was by the bed where I could reach it; the amplifier was across the room) and headphone jacks.

...I actually don't remember how all the switching worked; I just remember that it was definitely for *speaker*-level signals, not line-level.

Also, I used bundled phone-wire cables (soldered to DIN-5 plugs) to carry the signals.

left and right: potentiometer (volume), 1/4" stereo headphone jack, 1/8" mono jack
center: 4 slide DPST switches (can't remember purpose), 4 RCA jacks (speaker connections), 2 slide-switches
interior shows the wiring and some pinout/usage notes

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