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Monday, January 9, 2023 (#9)
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on the way back from dropping off Kestracel Weiss


  • released mouse. It seemed a bit lost.


  • 13:00 meds psych video appointment

To Attempt

  • take Kestracel in for inspection
    • 20:07: They haven't called back. Dunno if they tried and weren't able to get through, haven't finished yet (why?), or what.
  • pay bills (deposits finally cleared)
  • X get M's watch repaired (/ replaced?)
    • The first place I was going to try (which might or might not be the place we actually went; couldn't get enough data to load the map) doesn't do watch repairs.
  • take Mel's pkg to PO
    • Also mailed thing for Tessa.
  • get monitor from e-cycling
  • Costco