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Tuesday, January 3, 2023 (#3)
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this evening's moon: slightly foggy, with occluding branches


  • Guess we need to do a Costco run today? Eggs seem to be the main thing...
  • Hopefully I will feel motivated again at some point to resume trying to use the big snake. Probably shouldn't do it before we've done the dishes, though... but then I don't know if I'd want to do it while the dishwasher is running, because that might randomly dump a bunch of water out which I'd have to catch in a bucket or something. Maybe just wait until that's done.
    • Turns out Harena wasn't running the dishwasher today, so I just needed to wait until everyone was done making breakfast.
  • (Kestracel postponed.)
  • The check actually did deposit, finally -- so need to pay taxes.
    • The Liberapay donations for TootCat also came in -- a lot less than December, but still a good increase from pre-Twitterfall. Between that and Patreon, my Digital Ocean bill is covered and then a bit more. (Still, scaling back DigOc operations in some way would probably be good.)
  • Need to arrange to pick up regular monthly check which normally would have happened on the 1st, because I'll need to start paying regular bills on the 5th.


  • Paid taxes. Yay.
  • Replaced Costco run with an emergency Food Lion run (mainly eggs, but I also got peanuts).
  • Got H's new-used Win10 PC (dropped off by Reddawg99 2 nights ago in a surprise visit) set up.
  • And then there was the plumbing.

The PC

For eventual inventorying:

The Plumbing

....and then I tried going in through the laundry room drain, but apparently the snake has some kind of tangle inside the barrel, so I couldn't use the full length. I can't decide if it's worth trying the shorter, manual snake there... may do it anyway, just to be thorough, but only if I have the energy. This took most of the day, and required multiple pauses to rest. I was afraid for a bit that I'd overdone it and was going to get a headache; it feels a bit less like that now, but overnight will be the real test.