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Saturday, December 31, 2022 (#0)
New Year's Eve
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Today: PoGo Drive, shower, housework?

What Actually Happened

Kitchen sink clogged up -- draining, but very slowly. I ran our 50-foot snake into it all the way; no change.

About halfway through pulling it out, the drain suddenly clears up.

I pull it the rest of the way out while running the water (to be sure it's really clear), tidy up, and start doing the dishes.

Sink clogs up again, though less slow than before. Still probably too slow to run dishwasher.

Tried a plunger; no improvement.

  • ...and now the sink in the laundry room is filling up too -- so the clog has obviously moved past the join.
  • ...and that means laundry is out, too.
  • I ran the snake in anyway, just in case, but no improvement (and it didn't pull up much this time).

I considered running the big motorized snake, but that's not going to work from the kitchen and this is just getting into something that I know I don't have the energy for (or, really, the knowledge) -- so at this point looking for a plumber. The one we used previously (Progressive) seems to be focusing more on Raleigh, so I'm looking to see who in Durham looks like they might be easy to contact via text.

Long story short: there is a stoppage somewhere after the join between the kitchen and laundry room; both sinks drain very slowly, and when the kitchen sink fills up the laundry room sink also fills up. Our 50-foot hand-snake is apparently not long enough to help.

The site replied: "Thank you for your inquiry! We will get back to you within 48 hours."

Trout called them, left voicemail.

Also emailed another local place that was recommended (no web site).

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