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Sunday, October 30, 2022 (#303)
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today's dogwood-leaf-reading

Today we have to go over to K's to witness her mail-in ballot, because of the stupid anti-voting laws here in NC. I don't think there are any other interruptions, so hopefully today will be productive.

Update: The above is cancelled because her ballot got spoiled taking it out (tore on a bit of sticky on the envelope), and there's no time to request another one (and electronic voting isn't a thing this society is capable of doing safely yet)... so she'll have to vote in person anyway.


20221030 124003.jpg 20221030 124029.jpg


I can't remember what rabbit-hole led me to it (or maybe it was just random association), but I created a page for the Athens Observer and typed in what history I could think of quickly.

I found a bunch of issues from during our tenure there (more or less?) in a box several weeks ago; I wonder if there's any practical way to digitize them.


Freezer ice removal

20221030 154922.jpg 20221030 155052.jpg

I always feel like I should be donating it to Greenland or Antarctica, cuz I hear there are shortages these days. Maybe they could be redistributed to polar-bears in need? Scattered over Siberia to slow the methane outgassing? ...or even just tossed into what's left of Lake Mead...


I think I must have spent close to an hour now trying to get Z set up on Mint Wireless, so we can pay a bit less and get a lot more bandwidth (which he keeps needing). The account is paid, I have the transfer PIN from Republic Wireless, but the transfer won't go through... and I think they're having issues over at Mint, because the list of mobile carriers comes up empty now and some of their web pages are just blank. Will try again later.