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The Athens Observer was a weekly paper where Livia and I worked for a year or so (she actually had a job; I mainly volunteered to help with computer stuff) in 1992-3 or so. I think during our tenure it was originally owned by local aristocrat Trey Hutchinson, but ran up debt which forced him to sell it; it was then bought out by Jim Dunbar, a local lawyer, who ousted chief editor Pete McCommons and then popular columnist Lee Shearer not long after that. The staff at this point offered to buy it from Dunbar, but was laughed off; they promptly walked off. Apparently Dunbar had been expecting this, because he had replacements in by the afternoon and was able to meet that week's publishing deadline for remaining the county legal organ. It soon fell under the ownership of a right-wing group. It was defunct by 2002, according to the Library of Congress records.


  • I actually got Clarence the Rock published in the Observer, mainly via personal connections and offering it for free.