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Sent via the contact us page.

The choices for "To:" were:

  • (AHEC-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) AHEC
  • (alumni-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) Alumni Association
  • (cde-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) Continuing Dental Education
  • (ocistask-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) Computer Help
  • (tami_rice-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) Advanced Dental Education Admissions / Information Request
  • (wildera-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) DDS Admissions / Information Request
  • (sally_mauriello-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) DH Admissions / Information Request
  • (linda_stewart-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) DA Admissions / Information Request
  • (webadmin-2024-04-16-20:25-spam@dentistry.uncspam.edu) Website Changes / Technical Issues

None of these seem to have anything to do with patient admissions, so I went with "DDS Admissions / Information Request".

Submitted at 14:43.


We are trying to set up an appointment for a profoundly autistic 17yo. This would be his first dental appointment ever, and he will probably need to be sedated as his communication skills are very limited.

Please email me back and I can answer any questions. If you just need to mail us some forms to fill out, the address is:

Josh Smith
c/o Nick Staddon and Sandy Hall
[our address]

Thank you,

Nick Staddon