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Thursday, February 20, 2003 (#51)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     2/20/03  11:22 AM ok, the list has been sent.

Bubba      2/20/03  11:23 AM k

woozle     2/20/03  11:36 AM Additional note on BB&T card... it looks like
                                  the $ I put in yesterday to cover the order
                                  still hasn't cleared, so if that's been an
                                  obstacle they should just try again tomorrow.

Bubba      2/20/03  11:36 AM k

Bubba      2/20/03  11:40 AM hey

woozle     2/20/03  11:40 AM y

Bubba      2/20/03  11:40 AM what is the date of the last shipment you got?

woozle     2/20/03  11:41 AM from LB?

Bubba      2/20/03  11:41 AM Y they show 1-15

woozle     2/20/03  11:41 AM received 1/21, sounds like the one

Bubba      2/20/03  11:48 AM they didn't get the order

Bubba      2/20/03  11:48 AM no record anywhere

woozle     2/20/03  11:49 AM Well that's lame.

woozle     2/20/03  11:49 AM You gave them the order #?

Bubba      2/20/03  11:49 AM and the good news is that we now can put some
                                  of the back ordered stuff in this order

woozle     2/20/03  11:49 AM true

Bubba      2/20/03  11:49 AM yes I gave them the order #

woozle     2/20/03  11:49 AM But I want to place it online again

woozle     2/20/03  11:50 AM r u still on phone with them?

Bubba      2/20/03  11:50 AM and Jamie is the onlyest one there handling
                                  things cuz the rest are at a trade show

Bubba      2/20/03  11:50 AM not on phone any longer

woozle     2/20/03  11:51 AM I guess I'll have to email them about this...

woozle     2/20/03  11:51 AM I mean, if they didn't receive order #1150,
                                  what about whoever placed #1149? 1151?

woozle     2/20/03  11:51 AM I'd be extremely embarrassed if I were them.

woozle     2/20/03  11:51 AM Or maybe Jamie doesn't know where to pick up
                                  the online orders?

Bubba      2/20/03  11:52 AM it may be there and I do have the list of OOP,
                                  OOS and AV

woozle     2/20/03  11:52 AM Ok, so this isn't "it didn't show up", it's "I
                                  can't find it right now and the people who
                                  know the system aren't here"?

woozle     2/20/03  11:53 AM Tell ya what... I'll place another order
                                  online, then you can phone it in from that --
                                  cuz that will have their catalog #s and

Bubba      2/20/03  11:54 AM I don't know.  He just said he didn't see
                                  anything on his computer.  He may not have
                                  even known they were doing online orders if
                                  someone else handles it till it gets in and
                                  shows up on his CRT

woozle     2/20/03  11:54 AM Can he prevent the one we already placed from
                                  being shipped twice if we order it again over
                                  the phone?

Bubba      2/20/03  11:54 AM I'd ask when I called

Bubba      2/20/03  11:55 AM Y-place it N-no placing it

woozle     2/20/03  11:55 AM Ok. How about going ahead and phoning in the
                                  stuff we already ordered, if he can guarantee
                                  we won't be double-shipped/billed

woozle     2/20/03  11:56 AM And I'll place the next batch this afternoon
                                  -- I need to xfer more money into BB&T to
                                  cover it anyway, so might as well get the
                                  first batch moving along.

woozle     2/20/03  11:56 AM Then we can phone that batch in this afternoon
                                  or tomorrow (again, if he can prevent
                                  double-invoicing us).

Bubba      2/20/03  11:56 AM so you are saying wait on the back ordered
                                  stuff till next order?

woozle     2/20/03  11:57 AM yes -- but I'll place that one as soon as we
                                  get this one taken care of

Bubba      2/20/03  11:57 AM kelw

Bubba      2/20/03  11:57 AM kewl

woozle     2/20/03  11:57 AM ypu

Bubba      2/20/03  5:23 PM  did Les Hewa place an order after his call
                                  because I think I called him and then he
                                  placed his order

woozle     2/20/03  6:27 PM  yes... I sent you a followup email after I
                                  figgered that out

Bubba      2/20/03  6:27 PM  got it

Bubba      2/20/03  9:37 PM  hey

Bubba      2/20/03  9:41 PM  hey OLD MAN

Bubba      2/20/03  9:45 PM  surely you aren't in bed at 9:37 p.m. when
                                  there is a world to be taken over.