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Friday, February 21, 2003 (#52)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     2/21/03  7:45 AM  fraid so... still sick, you know

Bubba      2/21/03  10:29 AM this is a response to the are you in bed

woozle     2/21/03  10:29 AM ko-rekt

woozle     2/21/03  10:29 AM after the fact

woozle     2/21/03  10:29 AM hey...

Bubba      2/21/03  10:29 AM yes

woozle     2/21/03  10:30 AM there were some pkgs you were gonna ship,
                                  weren't there?

Bubba      2/21/03  10:30 AM Yes  2 Jerry and what else?

Bubba      2/21/03  10:30 AM did you send that in an email?

woozle     2/21/03  10:30 AM They should all pop up in the db when you find
                                  "GA Pending B"

woozle     2/21/03  10:30 AM there were 4

Bubba      2/21/03  10:31 AM looking

woozle     2/21/03  10:31 AM d5844 Scott Harn
                                  d5951 Allison Guest
                                  d5955 Edward Irwin
                                  d6053 Peter Kass

woozle     2/21/03  10:31 AM And I emailed a list of where to find the
                                  shirts we had in stock for the applicable

Bubba      2/21/03  10:32 AM looking

Bubba      2/21/03  10:50 AM got them and am having trouble printing.  I
                                  have to clear some space on my HD

woozle     2/21/03  10:50 AM k

woozle     2/21/03  10:51 AM taking pkg to mailbox, brb

Bubba      2/21/03  10:51 AM k

woozle     2/21/03  10:54 AM bk

Bubba      2/21/03  10:55 AM wb

woozle     2/21/03  10:56 AM thank yew verra muhch

Bubba      2/21/03  11:11 AM Misty mountain stuff is here

woozle     2/21/03  11:24 AM coolo

woozle     2/21/03  11:25 AM What's the status? If I'm gonna put stuff
                                  online, I'll need catalog info -- names,

Bubba      2/21/03  11:25 AM rt and I'll get it to you in xcel

woozle     2/21/03  11:25 AM k

Bubba      2/21/03  11:26 AM going to the trailer to pull stuff

woozle     2/21/03  11:26 AM Just popped into my head -- what's up with
                                  ETP? Last I knew I was waiting for you to
                                  check the site and get the correct prices for

Bubba      2/21/03  11:27 AM we'll talk about that later, am on a schedule
                                  to get these shipped and get to Atlanta  

woozle     2/21/03  11:27 AM k

Bubba      2/21/03  11:27 AM kewl

Bubba      2/21/03  2:07 PM  hey, when you place the next LB order, get
                                  more guitars for the Jerry dolls.  I have
                                  none.  I also have a box that was formerly
                                  Jerry dolls and it now has T's in it.  Do you
                                  have any JD's up there?  The second box of
                                  JD's only has 4 more in it which means we've
                                  sold 20 of them.  The odd thing is that we got
                                  extra guitars w/ each box and now I don't have
                                  enough for hte ones I do have.

Bubba      2/21/03  2:08 PM  this means that when they get in you have to
                                  send 2 of them to Scott Harn

woozle     2/21/03  2:13 PM  No JDs up here... I don't think the guitars
                                  are a separate item from the dolls, or at
                                  least they're not available that way on the
                                  order form -- but I will check

woozle     2/21/03  2:14 PM  The guitars must have either been with the
                                  stuff that was stolen or have landed in a box
                                  which has not yet been found/inventoried

woozle     2/21/03  2:14 PM  So you can't ship to Scott Harn, so I should
                                  probably refund his money for now

Bubba      2/21/03  2:14 PM  I'll call them and ask for guitars separately

woozle     2/21/03  2:14 PM  When we place the order? Or now?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:14 PM  don't do that, I just wrote on the pking slip
                                  that the guitars are forthcoming

woozle     2/21/03  2:15 PM  ah

woozle     2/21/03  2:15 PM  ok

Bubba      2/21/03  2:15 PM  I'll call now

woozle     2/21/03  2:15 PM  cool

Bubba      2/21/03  2:18 PM  left message for Jaime to call me back

woozle     2/21/03  2:19 PM  k

Bubba      2/21/03  2:19 PM  the Misty Mountain stuff isn't as hugh priced
                                  as I'd thought they were gonna be.

woozle     2/21/03  2:20 PM  not high priced 2 us, or not high priced

woozle     2/21/03  2:20 PM  or both?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:21 PM  Posters $3, rolled $3.25
                                  GD Posters $3.25/R$3.50
                                  Art Prints $11, 12.50, 15 and 20
                                  Mouse Pads $3.50
                                  Note Cards $1.25

woozle     2/21/03  2:21 PM  cost 2 us?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:21 PM  Y

woozle     2/21/03  2:21 PM  seems reasonable

woozle     2/21/03  2:22 PM  they don't do any "art print" type stuff, I

woozle     2/21/03  2:22 PM  oh wait

Bubba      2/21/03  2:22 PM  Y Gicleés

woozle     2/21/03  2:22 PM  line 3, "Art Prints"

woozle     2/21/03  2:22 PM  huh

woozle     2/21/03  2:22 PM  well then, uh, I guess they're not
                                  serial-numbered or signed or something...

woozle     2/21/03  2:23 PM  I know -- they probably don't have authentic
                                  GD backstage passes included with each one.
                                  That would bring the price down a bit.

Bubba      2/21/03  2:23 PM  The Art Prints are not GD

Bubba      2/21/03  2:23 PM  and they are LE

Bubba      2/21/03  2:23 PM  replete w/certificate

woozle     2/21/03  2:24 PM  huh... do they have suggested retail prices?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:24 PM  I'll check their site for those

woozle     2/21/03  2:25 PM  In any case, the advantage of low prices is
                                  we'll probaly sell more of em. Did these guys
                                  have a minimum, or did they drop-ship, or
                                  what? You told me once...

Bubba      2/21/03  2:26 PM  then why do I have to tell you again??????
                                  Just kidding.  Actually I don't remember. 
                                  Their paperwork says that there is a $5 charge
                                  for all orders under $100

woozle     2/21/03  2:27 PM  I was gonna say "that was the first black eye"
                                  (which is how I know you told me once)...

Bubba      2/21/03  2:27 PM  so it looks like they have no min

woozle     2/21/03  2:27 PM  Ahh. So we could take a small hit to get
                                  faster turnaround...

Bubba      2/21/03  2:27 PM  Y

woozle     2/21/03  2:27 PM  soundz goot

Bubba      2/21/03  2:28 PM  60 images to process

Bubba      2/21/03  2:29 PM  11 Biffle Posters
                                  7 GD Posters
                                  10 Art Prints
                                  18 Mouse Pads
                                  14 Note Cards

woozle     2/21/03  2:30 PM  Looking forwards to seeing 'em.

Bubba      2/21/03  2:31 PM  looks like only 4 of the art prints are ltd

Bubba      2/21/03  2:31 PM  500 each

woozle     2/21/03  2:31 PM  how many are left, we should find out...

woozle     2/21/03  2:31 PM  And will they let us know when supplies get

Bubba      2/21/03  2:32 PM  so as we can afford it, we should buy up the

Bubba      2/21/03  2:32 PM  I'm sure iffin I ask after it's up

Bubba      2/21/03  2:33 PM  they sent 2 price lists so I'll get one in the
                                  mail to you today

woozle     2/21/03  2:33 PM  If we think they'll sell, anyhow

woozle     2/21/03  2:33 PM  Yes, price list ees goot

Bubba      2/21/03  2:34 PM  122 Pinecrest Blvd.?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:35 PM  Rd. and 27705 rt?

woozle     2/21/03  2:35 PM  Pinecrest Rd. 27705

Bubba      2/21/03  2:35 PM  I knew that

Bubba      2/21/03  2:36 PM  should be there Mon.

woozle     2/21/03  2:37 PM  Will be looking 4 Itt

Bubba      2/21/03  2:37 PM  what did you think of this?
                                  To hello@vbz.net (store webmaster)
                                  Subject Wolves
                                  Name Rachel Fischer
                                  Email rfischer@HOTTIE.COM
                                  Subject Wolves
                                  IP Addr
                                  Browser Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5;
                                  Windows NT 5.0; T312461)
                                  I love wolves. They are very pretty animals. I
                                  might be getting a wolf pup if i can find who
                                  has or sell them.. 

woozle     2/21/03  2:37 PM  Yeah, I saw that...

Bubba      2/21/03  2:37 PM  WTF

woozle     2/21/03  2:38 PM  I was thinking of telling her that we don't
                                  currently carry any wolves, but that she'd be
                                  the first to know...

woozle     2/21/03  2:38 PM  Or we could be dense and say we have a bunch
                                  of wolf shirts and cards, and send her the URL
                                  of the "wolves" topic...

Bubba      2/21/03  2:39 PM  not really dense, more open like "Well, we
                                  currently don't have any of those and until
                                  you do get one you can always have one w/you
                                  and then the shirts, cards etc.

woozle     2/21/03  2:40 PM  We offer wolves in the following media...

woozle     2/21/03  2:40 PM  or "the following formats"

Bubba      2/21/03  2:40 PM  rt and a good luck in your quest 

Bubba      2/21/03  2:42 PM  Jamie just called and is sending guitars to me

woozle     2/21/03  2:42 PM  oh nifty

Bubba      2/21/03  2:42 PM  separate from the order

woozle     2/21/03  2:42 PM  can u ship them, then?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:43 PM  natch

woozle     2/21/03  2:45 PM  khul

Bubba      2/21/03  2:45 PM  scoping Biffle images now

Bubba      2/21/03  2:49 PM  plenty big and lookin good

woozle     2/21/03  2:50 PM  nifty

woozle     2/21/03  2:50 PM  upload 'em when you got 'em and I can download

Bubba      2/21/03  2:50 PM  there was some concern re: the high res and so
                                  I'll just use a portion of the images as .cu's

Bubba      2/21/03  2:51 PM  instead of the whole thing like we've been

woozle     2/21/03  2:52 PM  you mean concern over people lifting the
                                  images and using them for repro? ok...

woozle     2/21/03  2:52 PM  Or you could watermark them.

Bubba      2/21/03  2:52 PM  rt

Bubba      2/21/03  2:52 PM  w/Biffle or VBZ.NET?

woozle     2/21/03  2:52 PM  hmm

woozle     2/21/03  2:53 PM  Well, ideally, something like "VBZ.NET" and
                                  then in smaller letters "(C) whatever by R.
                                  Biffle", but that might be getting into a lot
                                  of work

woozle     2/21/03  2:53 PM  Maybe using just a portion is the best

woozle     2/21/03  2:54 PM  quicker download, less work

woozle     2/21/03  2:54 PM  gotta head off for kid pickup now; back in an
                                  hour or so.

Bubba      2/21/03  2:54 PM  I'll work on a path the aint to hard to travel

Bubba      2/21/03  2:55 PM  that aint

woozle     2/21/03  2:55 PM  your discretion, sah

Bubba      2/21/03  2:55 PM  hey 

Bubba      2/21/03  2:55 PM  b4 you head out

woozle     2/21/03  2:56 PM  y?

Bubba      2/21/03  2:56 PM  I'm not hot under the collar about much so
                                  don't read that into my emails please

woozle     2/21/03  2:57 PM  I have a reply for that, but I was gonna
                                  compose it later

woozle     2/21/03  2:57 PM  tty later

Bubba      2/21/03  2:57 PM  at your leisure

Bubba      2/21/03  2:58 PM  safe journey

woozle     2/21/03  3:59 PM  bk

Bubba      2/21/03  3:59 PM  kewl and I'm on my way out.

woozle     2/21/03  4:00 PM  k, safe jerknee to U2, then...

Bubba      2/21/03  4:00 PM  are they touring again?

woozle     2/21/03  4:04 PM  well, that's why you have to be careful...
                                  could be a bit of a trip finding them, and you
                                  still might not find (sing along now,
                                  everyone) what you're looking for.

Bubba      2/21/03  4:05 PM  still haven't

woozle     2/21/03  4:06 PM  so you're mailing them packidges on your weigh

Bubba      2/21/03  4:06 PM  no really, I'm outta here to go mail pkgs

woozle     2/21/03  4:06 PM  ah.

Bubba      2/21/03  4:07 PM  well do we have a large  Miles Corner shirt in

woozle     2/21/03  4:07 PM  checquing

woozle     2/21/03  4:08 PM  1 M 1 2X

Bubba      2/21/03  4:08 PM  k I'm outty

woozle     2/21/03  4:08 PM  ttyl

Bubba      2/21/03  4:09 PM  we just had an inquiry about it and I coulda
                                  waited for a minnit in case he went ahead and
                                  ordered it

woozle     2/21/03  4:09 PM  I'll respond 2 it

Bubba      2/21/03  4:09 PM  k

Bubba      2/21/03  4:09 PM  c-ya