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Woozle's outgoing answering machine messages
~ a brief history ~

see also: Woozle's Audio Weirdness

1988-ish part 1

This was recorded directly into the answering machine, with a roommate (Chuck Adler), in Providence circa 1988:

  • MP3 The They Might Be Nick and Chuck Hotline

The answering machine was the kind that used a special cassette, with a fixed-length loop, for the outgoing message -- which is why there is a long wait after we're done talking before you get to the end.

1988-ish part 2

These were both made on a cassette recorder using mostly vinyl sources, at around the same time (back when my CD collection fit into a fairly small box):

  • MP3 Audio-Paste Message #1
  • MP3 Audio-Paste Message #2
This was the one I finally used.

This proves that I used to have way too much free time. Also I've got way too many songs in my head. I have resisted the temptation to digitally "clean" either of these, so you're hearing them exactly as recorded.


  • MP3 Reactionary Response Message
When we first moved to Athens and I placed message #2 on our home answering machine, certain of L's relatives found it disturbing for reasons that have never been entirely clear to me. In response I recorded the above response message and put it on the machine instead.