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[graphic, drawn over join between top & bottom of back] the official seal of whatever [/graphic]

Top locker, row 4
To: The Mysterious Person Who Writes Stupid Things on Blank Pieces of Paper and Puts Them in People's Lockers
Oct. 15, 1980
Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to your letter in which you hinted that I should give you feedback – I am. (So there)

Firstly, I think (Yes I really do!) that you should tell your contact (he/she/it) to be careful when they are speaking on matters referring to you.

The aforesaid party could, and possibly would, give away your identity (like so much peanut-brittle). You, Sir/Madam, may be in grave danger! Because of (of course) this loose-tongued individual.

Second, I believe (Amen!) that you should watch the beforementioned person. (Man, is he weird!)

And so now as the olive oil trickles down, I leave you stranded, holding a piece of paper in your hands.

Jennifer Alexandrea Eliot Winsford Hall <flower logo>™