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Woozle: Projects


Active Web Sites


Under Development


  • InstaGov: web tools for collective decisionmaking
  • MailFerret email management database program: (4/15) working out kinks in Thunderbird import code
  • FileFerret file and media management database program: (4/15) in design phase; tables and some code written
  • AudioFerret media database/jukebox which allows browsing & playing audio (and eventually video) by artist and album, eventually also by songwriting, performance, production, and other credits. Must also support seamless playing! I'm really tired of not being able to play (for example) The Wall without annoying gaps between tracks.
  • Neural Rating Thing: difficult to explain without examples

Back Burner

  • GnuMusiq: Audioscrobbler meets MediaWiki meets Amazon meets Ebay meets Godzilla (this may end up as part of vbz; I didn't renew the domain)
  • Open Security System: using information technology and free, open-source software to provide higher-quality home security for less (2011 update: there is apparently an open-source package which does this now)
  • Document Image Annotation
  • Ultimate Audio Editor
  • I/O Markup Language
  • DriveFerret data recovery software for drives with clobbered boot/FAT/directory areas
    • There seem to be some decent open source packages for doing this, though they may lack some of the features I had in mind -- to be investigated
  • Components:
    • HyperAdmin administration/security system for web-based software
      • Looks like it makes more sense to build web-based software as an extension to an existing CMS, and use the CMS's security

Reborn as Other Projects

Wild Ideas & Brainstorming

  • Legal Music Trading Group
  • HyperChat
  • Guido
  • Daylight webcam site: someone should set up a web site showing hi-res outdoor webcam views from every timezone possible. If you were needing a little daylight (working 3rd shift, jet lag, whatever), you could just call up the appropriate timezone, move your face close to the monitor, and pretend you were there. The pictures would be mostly static (clouds, landscapes), so relatively little bandwidth would be needed to update reasonably high-res image maybe 1-5 times per minute.
  • Music vs. Earning a Living