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Josh Smith, Agent of Entropy
2010/03/14 0903

It's been nice not having Josh in the house for the past few weeks. We put something away or clean something, and it generally stays put away or cleaned. Organization gradually increases. Well, Josh made up for lost time last night...

Apparently Josh found someone's keyring. (Evidence is that it was Benjamin's, but assigning blame isn't important; it could happen to anyone.) We don't know the order of events after that, but here's what we found:

Gosh, where did all the stuff that was in those baskets go?
Oh, here it is!

He got into the laundry room, and totally ransacked it: the floor is covered with clothes, towels, and a few other things. These were mainly clean clothes from the boys' baskets and the sorting table, but also includes clothes we had sorted and set aside for donating. Sorting clothes takes forever. Unsorting them, however, takes mere minutes for a determined Josh.

He got into the (locked) craft room and grabbed the bottle of gummy-vitamins (there were two, but he emptied one of them on Friday before we remembered to hide them). Fortunately, most of the gummies remained stuck in the bottom, so he wasn't able to empty it. Right now he's in bed and still clutching the bottle like it was a teddy bear. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to have done anything with the leftover Halloween candy.

He got into the office and removed all the other keys. The key to Mel's room is still missing. (This is an antique key which we have been unable to copy or to find a workable replacement for; there is only one of them. So we can't get into Mel's room until we find that key again.) He also messed around with Sandy's computers, but left mine alone (possibly he couldn't find my mouse).

He unlocked the basement, but I can't see any evidence that he did anything in it.

He got into the hallway closet (not locked), pulled out boxes of spare lightbulbs, found the right kind to replace the missing bulb in the portable light we keep over his bed (the other kids managed to break it yesterday), and properly installed it. At first it looked like he had broken one bulb while trying to get it out of its packing, but on closer inspection it turns out that the base came apart while he was trying to get the bulb out of its packaging, and I was able to put it back together.

Miraculously, he did not try to escape, though he certainly could have.

  • Update 1: He seems to have taken his communications notebook (the one used for messages to/from school) out of his bookbag and hidden it somewhere. On the up-side, we found Mel's keys.
  • Update 2: We found the notebook -- he "put it away" in a pocket in the office.