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Josh Biathlon
2009-10-24 1239

Today's Josh Puzzler Challenge: Find the missing object.

First, you have to figure out which of Josh's Objects are missing. No, you can't look too closely at what he's carrying to see what he isn't carrying, because that means you aren't searching for it, which is Upsetting.

Next, you have to figure out where it might have landed... in a room containing a laundry hamper and 2 very full recycling bins. No, you don't get any overt hints as to where the missing Object was just before it went missing -- though if you watch Josh's behavior closely, he may hint at this nonverbally by where he stands as he Upsets at you.

I found it.

And apparently someone left the door unlocked, and Josh is now outside and I have no adult help getting him back in because Sandy is out of town until tonight.


Ok, he's taken refuge in the car. I could wrestle him out of there, but I couldn't do that and get him back in the house single-handed. At least I can keep an eye on him there.

Update: It turned into a triathlon. First we had Olympic Mind-Reading, followed by a Marathon Joshchase (multiple laps around the house), and finally the Car Extrication Tug-of-War event. He's back inside now, and not at all happy about it.