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no light, just tunnel

The coveted group home placement currently looks very distant indeed, and I am trying not to be completely depressed about it.

According to our contact at the Autism Society, you really need to have a CAP slot in order to get a placement -- and the CAP slots remain frozen. We're guessing that the funds hadn't been allocated after all -- or NC decided to pull the funding back in to deal with other budget emergencies.

The one glimmer is that the state may be holding off deciding what to do about CAP until they find out what's going to happen with Obama's stimulus package. I don't know that it specifically has any money for Medicaid/CAP, but it does have some aid to states (don't know how much to NC in particular) and obviously that could affect how many slots they can fund... or if they can fund any slots at all. So we may hear something soon after Obama signs the stimulus, assuming it gets that far.*

(*Republicans keep trying to block it and trimming out the most useful parts of it, which they call "fat" and "pork"... thus proving that their real mission is to make sure government fails, especially if it is a democrat-run government... but I digress.)

...This all just feels so completely wrong. There isn't anything I can do -- no matter how many scary things I'm willing to do to get this situation resolved, there isn't anything. I can't build anything to solve the problem, I can't make a scary phone call to make the right thing happen, I can't go to a store to get whatever we need to make Josh have a home, I can't write a letter which proves conclusively that we shouldn't be taking care of him anymore. There's just nothing.

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