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The Unity Fest was a 2-day musical festival held in a field off route 441 in Athens, "about a mile past Sandy Creek Nature Center (which is on the left) and right before Sandy Creek Park", on Saturday 1998-11-07 and Sunday 1998-11-08. The official opening was 11:00 a.m., with music from 11:30 until midnight on Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday. On-site camping was available, children 10 and under were admitted free, alcohol was discouraged, and no dogs were allowed.

An archive of the promotional web site reads: "First Annual UNITY FEST - A Benefit Concert for The ReDistribution Alternative".

My DAT recorder seized up only partway through the first day, possibly because of too much moisture in the air, so I have no recording of the rest of the show.


  • Advance tickets were available at Wuxtry, Big Shot, and Turnabout Records in Athens.
  • Advance tickets were $10 for both days, which included camping
  • Tickets at the "door" were $8 per day or $15 for both days (including camping)
  • Children ten and under were admitted free.

Saturday, November 7th

Bands on Main Stage

  • The Morning Glory Band
  • Grace
  • The Greasy Beans
  • Sunny Side Up Band (for kids, young and old)
    • Pam somebody, if I remember right... --Woozle 21:37, 16 June 2008 (UTC)
  • Velvet Jones and the Sex Appeal
  • Planet Jive
    • I still have one of their CDs on the jukebox. --Woozle 21:37, 16 June 2008 (UTC)
  • Sector 9

Sunday, November 8th

Bands on Main Stage

  • Tribal Ascension and Where's Anita
    • "Tribal Ascension" was essentially Lynne and Bubba (of the infamous lawsuit 5 years later), son Jody on guitar, daughter Jessica & her husband Frank on vocals, plus me on keyboards; Where's Anita played, among other things, "Get Together" by the Youngbloods (I did the 12-string guitar riff on my keyboard)
  • Plasticene Dream
  • Peat Moss
  • Donna Jewell and surprise guests
  • King Daddy Zeb
  • Day By the River
  • Earth Collective

Bands on Side Stage (either on Sat. or Sun.)

  • Cave Paintings
  • Autoscope
  • Stephen Wing (poetry)
  • Blue Stockings
  • Pleiades
  • Shannon Lewis
  • The Om Band or possibly "111"

About the RDA

from the bottom of the web page (punctuation and spelling errors left intact):

The ReDistribution Alternative is a local non-profit organization comprised of an all-volunteer staff. RDA is dedicated to helping those in need of shelter, food, and healing through programs that utilize the redistribution of existing resources. RDA works in conjunction with local churches and food banks to provide shelter and food. Last year, RDA distributed over 20,000 pounds of food, hundreds of blankets, and many articles of clothing.

RDA hopes that Unity Fest will help to fund future projects. Among RDA's goals for future projects are a new facility and office space, an organic farm to be able to provide it's own resources to distribute, and a healing center that would contain a cannery and a free legal aid clinic.

Lynne Greiver, co-founder of RDA, described her hopes for the benefit, "We want Unity Fest and RDA to bring people together, people helping people. We have a lot of work to do and so much we want to accomplish to continue our work"

For more information on sponsoring or volunteering for Unity Fest or to volunteer to help RDA, click on the Contact Info link below.