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I am NOT alone?001:10, 24 January 2011

I am NOT alone?

I've had this problem all my life. I do speak on the phone and have done presentations to physicians and to pharmaceutical executives. I'm short, fat, and have a lisp and poor speaking voice with a NY Accent. All that aside because they are not the reasons I won't call someone. I don't call for pizza, I don't make reservations, I won't call to make an appointment to see my doctor. Thank GOD for email or I might not have access to people. I can't initiate phone calls because I "don't want to interupt" them. They might be busy with family, friends or whatever. The doctor's 0ffice staff always rush me like I'm taking up the valuable time. The pizza place puts me on hold. The chinese place is so confusing with the order, address, phone number, how long, it's too much. The church pretty much doesn't bother to answer. Family never answer and there are 5 phone numbers just in my sister's house. It's always worse when there is an emergency. Not reaching someone seems to be the rule. My phones always collect dust. I used to joke about it but it's not a joke. I can use the phone at work except when it comes to making calls to docs asking them to attend a meeting. It's like selling and I can't think of anything else than they don't want to talk to me and it's not going to happen. I've been able to avoid it somehow for years.

Neuch2801:10, 24 January 2011