Sarcastic chat exclamations

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Sarcastic chat exclamations, i.e. exclamations often used in chat (mainly IRC) often contain one or more of the following components.

  • OMFG is an expansion of "OMG" which (of course) stands for "Oh My God". I do not know, and shall refrain from speculating about, what the "F" stands for.
  • 1111 represents careless use of the exclamation point, i.e. the typist became so excited that s/he neglected to persistently hold down the [shift] key whilst pressing the "1" key. This often results in text such as "HEY!!!!11111". It is generally regarded as newbie behavior.
  • oneoneone is a further evolvement of the accidental [shift] negligence above, i.e. deliberately spelling out "111" to indicate that any apparent overexcited slip of the [shift] key is intended sarcastically and is not accidental